The "numbers station" of YouTube


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The chair is against the wall. Repeat, the chair is against the wall.


or.. they could just use the comments page of a popular blog that receives many visitors, like leaving a message under the slow motion deer video

PS. Did I mention:

Dee de - dee de de de dee dede, De de de de, de de
Daa da - daa da da da daa dada, Da da da da, da da

One.. Four.. Three.. Two.. Five!

One.. Four.. Three.. Two.. Five!

Nine.. Three.. Six.. Two.. Eight!

Nine.. Three.. Six.. Two.. Eight!


omg I wish I could've seen the look on 22392's face when she found out 2394938. Awkward!


three one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six two six four three three eight three two seven nine five zero two eight eight four one nine seven one six nine three nine nine three seven five one zero five eight two zero nine seven four nine four four five nine two three zero seven eight one six four zero six two eight six two zero eight nine nine eight six two eight zero three four eight two five three four two one one seven zero six seven nine eight two one four eight zero eight six five one three two eight two three zero six six four seven zero nine three eight four four six zero nine five five zero five eight two two three one seven two five three five nine four zero eight one two eight four eight one one one seven four five zero two eight four one zero two seven zero one nine three eight five two one one zero five five five nine six four four six two two nine four eight nine five four nine three zero three eight one nine six four four two eight eight one zero nine seven five six six five nine three three four four six one two eight four seven five six four eight two three three seven eight six seven eight three one six five two seven one two zero one nine zero nine one four five six four eight five six six nine two three four six zero three four eight six one zero four five four three two six six four eight two one three three nine three six zero seven two six zero two four nine one four one two seven three


Nine.. Eight.. Four.. Two.. Seven?
Two.. Four.. Seven.. Seven.. Three!
Five.. Six.. Five.. Nine.. Eight!
Two.. Eight.. Six.. One.. Three!
Five.. Two.. Four.. Four.. Two?
Eight.. Five.. Three.. Seven.. Six!
Five.. Three.. Nine.. Six.. Eight?
Two.. Four.. Four.. Six.. Nine!
Eight.. One.. Nine.. Three.. Seven!
Four.. Six.. Eight.. Two.. Five!
Nine.. Eight.. Six.. Two.. Four?
Eight.. Eight.. Three.. Seven.. One?
One.. Five.. Five.. Two.. Nine!
Two.. Seven.. Nine.. Eight.. Seven!
Nine.. Three.. Four.. Six.. Seven?

(cowers in anticipation of Falcor's fiery wrath)


It just dawned on my that Tommy Tutone were probably spies!

1  11 100    1    11011
 10  1   1001 1000


no reference to Piet Mondrian? not enough yellow for you!?


Or they want us to think we think that's how they want us to think.


Shit, I'm hooked. Only 76,994 more to listen to.


Yeah, well, sort of... Good job. stuck_out_tongue


Wait. What? What is invisible again?


I went to an automation conference at Google in 2013. There is a European steaming set top box software company that uses webdriver and an image recognition library to validate their encoder and upload works properly. Before they used a more complex image to validate but then switched to a very flat white and red box to make it easy for the image recognition to validate. These videos are it.




John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache.


Shortwave number stations are still cool too!

Check out 5448.00 kHz and 14118.68 kHz on


Tones of varying frequency and regularity at 8636.00 USB.

Intermittent Morse code at 14008.78 USB.

BBC Radio 4 is at 198 kHz.


When I was a kid, many years ago, I had a portable radio that picked up some shortwave radio numbers stations. I noticed that by placing my hands adjacent to the antenna, I could modulate the sounds of a numbers station broadcast much in the way a Theremin is played. This became the basis for a lot of low budget teenage experimental music.

Thanks for the memories, spies.


It says "yankee, hotel, foxtrot" and makes me want to listen to Wilco wink


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