The Occult Defence Agency Budgeting Simulator: a text adventure that pits monster-slaying against austerity


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So i wonder if this game includes the real-world mechanic of Tory cuts being so idiotic they start increasing the overall budget due to the knock-on effects of austerity, giving many negatives with no positives…


The Laundry Video Game, then.


Yup. I immediately thought of Charles Stross’ “Laundry Files” books when I read this.


As used by the NHSBPP.


It’s over a decade now since somebody asked Charlie at a con what he’d like to see of his stuff on the Big Screen, and he said he’d really like to see the Laundry as a TV series, to deafening applause.

Considering that Netflix is down to revamping Archie’s Sabrina to find paranormal material, I have no idea whatsoever why this obviously brilliant idea never happened.


This could never happen in America, because here the agency is under the Department of Defense, and they never cut the budget for anything. Probably somebody well-connected out there still has a lucrative contract for black powder.


There should also be a ‘Northamptonshire Council’ power-up where you receive extra money after bankrupting your organisation for simply being on the right team:


Come on. I’m sure G4S can do a perfectly adequate job of keeping shoggoth-related metrics within contractual bounds with private sector efficiency. This should be trivial.


That is the most terrifying concept for a horror movie I’ve ever read.


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