Brexit Fear Campaign - #grabbag

Hi BB!

Police forces across the UK are tweeting etc telling everyone to have “(survivalist) grab bags” at the ready. I will say no more, but …

Would love some crowd input on these American images and their derivation, any USA campaigns etc that pushed the idea of “grab bags”, you get the drift.


We know here in the UK that a load of USA lobbyists are here (trying to create a new market for, for instance, firearms). We know our Home Secretary, one “Priti Patel”, is as thick as two short planks, and a menacing, sinister ambulatory awfulness.

But we have no idea why this sudden campaign.

Any contribution adored with heartfelt love!

Thank you



Always pack an extra pair of socks that don’t vote Tory.


What, no towel?


It would have been more effective for them to post scenes cut from “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise. That bit with the scared kids as they escape in the pickup.

I’ve so far packed my surfboard and downloaded the soundtrack to “Apocalypse Now”.

@gilbertwham have you seen this nonsense?!


Tieing it to Brexit is… something.

Those kinds of things – and recs for the DIY versions – are also being pused here, but on an opposite tack: climate change is making disasters worse, so be prepared. Also, it’s an earthquake zone where I live – one that is long-overdue for a massive, absolutely devastating disaster. Throw in floods and storms that can regularly mean 72 hours or more without power and… yeah. They can be a good idea.

As for your maliciously created impeding apocalypse (it’s bad actors driving it, and anyone else gets screwed), 72 hour emergency kits ain’t gonna cut it. Where do you evacuate to? Are they expecting a sudden mass of British refugees?

Emergency kits aren’t bad, per se. But are the cops really expecting a complete SIP/evacuate situation in the wake of a hard Brexit? Or have they just sold themselves out?


Well, the person in charge of the cops is Home Secretary Priti Patel, who is an evangelical hard Brexiter.

The laughing response to this obviously rushed scare campaign in the wake of the prevailing government’s failure to push Brexit through in it’s “No Deal with Europe, just crash through and do it!” form is very funny. Twitter - #grabbag


In the U.S. they’re called “go bags”

a “grab bag” is something else here

grifters can smell fear


Yeah I looked up grab bags and was v hungry :slight_smile:

it’s all basically just “the stuff you need for camping,” but marketed to crazy people


Hm. I’ve got two shopping trolleys in my garage. Maybe I should upgrade the wheels on the larger, sturdier one, just in case?


Here in hurricane country everyone is well drilled into what goes into a survival kit. This includes at least 1 gallon of clean water per person per day; that little bottle in the backpack isn’t going to get you very far. (I also don’t see any toilet paper in there; I strongly suggest a place for that in your backpack. If you can still find the brand of loo roll my department in Hull used to buy in the 80s, it can double as an emergency construction material.) And don’t get me started on Spam.


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