The Ockel Sirius B is a PC that fits in your pocket

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I have a Sirius A. Never finished setting it up. Needed to have so many accessories (keyboard, mouse, monitor) that I was better off with a laptop. I bought into the Sirius B because of its inclusion of the screen and soft keyboard while also being able to use another monitor. Pocket portability on the road is my key use case. In fact I leave my Surface Pro at work and my previous road unit (Surface 3) has been replaced by a GPD Pocket - which may beat out the Sirius B with its 8GB Ram and 128GB disk and integrated keyboard. Just waiting on my Ockel to know for sure :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit more, but I recommend the GPD Win paired with a USB docking station. Full Win10 box you can dock, which fits in your bag (or a big pocket) and includes its own screen and keyboard (and gamepad…) for when you’re on a cramped train.

ETA: I hadn’t seen the GPD pocket yet: WANT

It is the dream that was Ubuntu Phone.


I got so excited, and then - no screen, no keyboard. I want a tiny laptop!


The Galaxy S8 promises this, but without knowing how the dock performs I refuse to pay the money.

I did fund the Sentio kickstarter laptop thingie, which is cheap enough to gamble on.


So many hallucinations of the year of linux on the desktop I’ve lost count.

The GPD Pocket may do for you. I’ve been coveting one since adspam shot it past me a week ago…

It would be perfect if it had Nvidia graphics, which even some Chromebooks have.

But why, why, why oh why does it have to be Win10.
I’d seriously consider it if it came with 7 (or even 8.1).
Yes, I suppose you can wipe 10 and install 7, but I feel like I can’t be asked.

And Windows 10 Mobile with Continuum. Which actually worked really well, but was a solution looking for a problem.


I have a GPD Pocket. I was a backer on Indiegogo. Got it back in June (first Indiegogo project I’ve backed that actually showed up on time). I’ve been using it as my daily carry around laptop - it fits in the back pocket of my pants and I use it in meetings and while I’m traveling, It does everything my Surface 3 does just in a smaller package. The keyboard is a bit funky but I’ve gotten pretty good with it so I don’t have any issues with typing. I don’t get the 10 or 12 hrs of battery life they claim - more like 6 or maybe sometimes 8 hrs so I do plug it in during lunch if I’m going to be using it a lot during the day.

It’s real laptop pricing though. You could buy a couple or three Ockel’s for the same price - although I think GPD is available on Ali Express for about $100 less than Amazon.

I think this has a bright future just needs a bit more of innovation, what i want to know is where can I invest in this company :thinking:

I mean this most sincerely, but how can you live with an Atom Processor?

My Surface 3 is a paperweight since I just hate how sluggish it is. Same with the other Atom proc machines I demo.

Sure I could use it in case of emergency, but it would never be something I’d pick up to use.

Depends on how you’re using the machine. Most of my work is with MS Office suite so I don’t see “sluggish” performance. I also do a fair amount of work with Corel Draw X8 (and a bit with Inkscape) and it works fine for that too. For my work I don’t see any real difference between the Surface 3 and the Pro with an i7 processor. i tend to have one Office app open at a time (plus Chrome with a dozen tabs in the background). If I’m using Corel I’ll usually have 3 or 4 designs open when I’m using it.

But performance perception is individual so if you can’t use these machines you just have to choose others that match your needs. Just not going to happen in these really small form factors.

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I’m sure somebody has a good use case for a low-powered but extremely portable desktop CPU sans mouse/keyboard/monitor, but I can’t offhand think of one. Honestly curious.

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