The only Star Trek phaser rifle ever made is up for auction. Starting bid: $250,000

Make’s sense, Geordie’s visor was a banana clip.

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When I was in this Star Trek fan club - I knew this guy who made props and they were freaking amazing. He would even make working ones to show visiting actors and they said they were nicer than the show props.

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I would say he is the current owner of said items and is putting them up for sale.

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Seeing is how the original prop was made by a toy company no surprise that they were thinking ahead with how they could convert it to a sellable toy item.


That would explain it. They jumped straight from discussing the prop to discussing the eventual toy. It’s still a weird toy pitch, though.

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I’ve always been amazed at how poorly equipped the various groups where when they beamed down to a wild planet.

Especially when you consider how easy it would be to beam down a ton or ten of survival and exploration gear, transport and maybe even a few jackets and sleeping bags, real med gear and rations.

Even one or two shuttlecraft should have swapped out star drives and been ground to orbit armored assault shuttles to get people into or out of a hot zone if transporters weren’t available or safe.

Even Next Gem didn’t do this.

Contrast this with how the people in Forbidden Planet handled it: Ratings exited first, set up a defensive perimeter and secured the LZ, then everyone started work and set up real defenses and recon gear and mounted heavy weapons.

Hans is the plushie version of the 555 timer IC


It also made an appearance on the cover of a Key comic book, though that was so long ago I couldn’t tell you if it was actually used in the story.


Star fleet standard issue uniforms support a wide range of temperatures and environments that any extra clothing would be superfluous in most cases. There have been some examples in the show and films where cold weather gear has been employed. As for extra stuff, why waste the energy to beam down everything when your ship in orbit can semd you things on the fly when needed?

Star fleet is a peaceful exploration force. Armed assault is not really their thing.

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