The Oreo Music Box is like a record player for cookies


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Okay. Now put a McVitie’s Digestive on the turntable!


Maybe my tastes are just too specific but this doesn’t work for me. The only thing that matters about a phonograph in 2018 is the way it works; leave out that part, and it’s just crass, try-hard marketing.

Now, I’d be fine if it were semi-fake, like if the cookie were a music box disc, or had some kind of optical coding that triggered digital samples or whatever. But I don’t need to pay an ad campaign $20 to simply cosplay the experience of listening to a vinyl record.



what a ripoff, Oreos only have one single on them. I want an LP sized pancake player.


Ah great, I’ve been looking for a way to play my indie label cookies.


You wouldn’t steal a car, why would you download a cookie off the internet?




aaaaaaand sold out


That’s why.


Oreo thinks we’re cheap. I’m holding off until they produce a laser-etched musical cookie.


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