The orgiastic decadence of these commercials from 1984

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Dunkie’s really did retire Fred the Baker, switching from in-store baking to centralized baking and distribution. Fresh donuts are not a corporate priority for them any more.


My wife will occasionally remark “time to make the donuts” before leaving for work. Never knew what it meant and at some point she did explain it was an old donut commercial. But I’ve never seen it till now so thank you! We’re the same age too so it’s weird I’ve never seen it.


Maybe you guys grew up in different parts of the country, and so saw different commercials? :thinking: But I remember those commercials, and I don’t know if they had a dunkin in my hometown (so it was probably an ATL network that played them).


Nice try, we went to the same high school too. Probably more that we/our parents had different viewing habits. In all likelihood I had seen it, but selective memory and all that. Likewise there are jingles permanently burned in my mind and she has no idea what I’m taking about when I sing them to her.

Now you got me wondering what the Dunkin Donut status was in my hometown. I don’t think I was ever “unaware” of the brand (unlike, say, Taco Bell, which came to town in the early nineties).

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Makes sense… :+1:

‘Where’s the Beef?’ was an instant sensation, spawning a series of Peller-starring sequels along with a raft of merchandise, from T-shirts to bumper stickers to Frisbees to a board game. Peller even recorded a “Where’s the Beef?” novelty single with Nashville disc jockey Coyote McCloud." You can listen to the song here. Peller became a media darling, making the talk show rounds, and even making a cameo on Saturday Night Live.

I think you’re forgetting the most important cameo she made:

Every time I have to wake up early, I tell my wife “Time to make the donuts”. I still do it. She gets angry at me for waking her up.


When I returned from duty in West Berlin I wondered why people were going on about the location of the beef.

Speaking of dunkin donuts here’s a throwback thursday / ICYMI,

:joy: cracks me right up every time!

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