The OZORA music festival is a psychedelic tribal gathering I keep coming back to

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Meh, seems like too many people for my liking.

Though I hope to see Crystal Method who is touring.

Thanks for the pointers to a lot of great music!

In other words, Europe has its own Burning Man festival.

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Far out, man.

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Their online radio station is pretty good too:

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Not sure why everyone thinks Burning Man invented outdoor festivals. Ever heard of Woodstock?

Time to go build the Dwarven Labor Chants and Kraken channels for the $348B sustainable safe Norwegian Coastal Highway. Jungle Dwarves in the pinch case at end date and 4 deg. C warming, so lots of range to cover.

This is awesome but I’m not seeing the connection with my comment.

Feel free to tell me more about Jungle Dwarves, though.

I have to think the construction teams won’t be all John Henry (rail spike driver, dirge theme, and cautionary tale mostly predating genetic engineering) or all indoors. (Also mad to mention the project having missed the week on Niskanen calling megaprojects down.)

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