The perfect dystopian, nihilist news broadcast for todays fucked up times


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Crotch-Watchers Miami is my favorite show, though it’s not as good as Crotch-Watchers DC.


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Only 30%???


What is more fun than Nihilst Arby’s? Nothing, and if there was something no one would tell you about it anyways. Have fun, read Boing Boing.


Q: How is Instagram like a three-year-old?

A: No $#&^ing volume control.


No, Donny, these men are nihilsts. There’s nothing to be afraid of.


I love the animations.


I like my dystopias fictional.


well as Borges observed if you like the fictional too much it becomes real.


Alternatively check out Deek Jackson with the FKN Newz


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