The "Period Pain Simulator" lets men experience menstrual cramps

I’m a man, and I have no idea what it is like to be a woman from a direct personal empathic perspective. I have noticed that when this topic comes up, there seems to be a sense of “oh you’re going to feel pain for just a few minutes” like it’s a dismissive exercise that just exists to make men feel like they’re doing something perhaps?

Is this exercise of “here, you can feel what it’s like, a bit, optionally, and you’re in control of it” just a bad idea?

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I think what irks those of us that go through that kind of pain is that while it is useful for others to experience, it is a CHOICE to experience for them, rather one that is biologically inflicted on the sufferers.

We’d like the option to turn the pain off without any side effects and go back to our lives too.


It can be useful. If it is emphasized, repeatedly, that period pain must be endured for days and there is no escaping it. It is amusing and irritating to ppl who experience this pain how wimpy these men are because we are constantly told our pain isn’t real or isn’t that bad.

So yeah. Every time this is done, the people who endure period pain will chime in with our experiences. It is a rare opportunity for us to be heard. The article, or video, or whatever, never hits hard enough on how these stimulators are tiny tastes of the pain level without even having to endure the grind of the pain over days.


The only thing I can think of that would even come close is when I was suffering from appendicitis for four days before I could find a hospital that believed me.


Yeah, appendixitis was no fun. I was 10 and the doctor didn’t believe me either until I fainted trying to straighten up.
I know pain is subjective, but damn, it would be nice if doctors would believe you when you say you are in it and you just want it to stop. I know some people go shopping for painkillers, but I would like to know stats on how many people are just looking for a hit vs people in physical distress.


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yes, yes, but how long can these women withstand a simulated period ?

Call me when the guys have to take that important exam, or deliver that presentation, or show up for the state track meet with this thing on. And rush to the bathroom in each 5-minute period between class sessions or meetings to change their pad or tampon (or both for us ‘heavy flows’) and hope they haven’t bled through their pants in the 45 to 90 minutes prior. :roll_eyes:
I think this is a helpful exercise, but it gets nowhere near what we ladies live with. Most dudes have no idea how tough we are, and have to be, from a young age.


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Seriously, male physicians should be required to experience the period simulator for a good hour each month.


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