Man invents vagina glue for menstruating women to hold in menses, frustratedly explains vaginas to them


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An anti-eavesdropping hands-free headset/muzzle that looks like Bane's mask and changes your voice to Vader's

Well this gif about sums it up…


Maybe he could apply it to his own lips for a couple of weeks.


He really thinks mansplaining women’s bodies to them will help him sell his product?


Well, with a marketing strategy like that I look forward to having him pay me to take it from him.


Why am I not surprised it’s a Chiropractor?


Making a disgusted face right now thinking about the mingling of urine and womb in this guy’s idea of physiology.

Which has me also thinking perhaps he’s just trying to resell Krazy Glue…


So like did he test this on anyone? Because I want to know:

  1. Does it work? I highly doubt it works well at all.

  2. So, I assume he mentioned this to other people. Did ANYONE go, “Hey, this sounds like a good idea! Let’s run with it! You will make a million bucks!”

  3. Follow up question to the first two, where any of the testers or "run this idea by you"ers women?


It’s not the menstrual blood, you idiot! It’s the cramps!


More like Daniel Oopps.


NEXT: a female massage therapist invents a urethral cork for men to obviate the need for condoms.


Next, a glue to attach a man’s penis to his ass, whereby this guy can go fuck himself.


I get the feeling that this guy doesn’t know any women at all.


I know a guy he should talk to.


Women are menstruating 25% of the time…? I’m no doctor, but the documentation suggests that can’t be right.


Actually, it is. One week out of every month. I LOVE menopause!


Why not just use this glue on your urethra?


Wasn’t this more or less how Rely™ caused toxic shock syndrome?


Welp, so much for my patent on Poopz, the butt-glue to keep diarrhea inside.


Does it work on assholes too?