Scientists invent first "Vagina-on-a-Chip"

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This is really cool! I love science! (And don’t even get me started on how woefully underfunded and under emphasized women’s health research is.)


Just waiting for Adam Sandler & Justin Timberlake to respond to this news…
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10 ways this vagina-on-a-chip is overthought. Change our minds!

Yeah, if I’m running the little performance monitor thing on an AMD Turion II laptop, I should defs have these things working someplace.

I’m planning on eventually watching through Alien: Covenant and maybe I’ll just insert a few of these in the film as prophylactic Stick-Ups and see if the crew can nope out of the sitch when the vagina-on-a-chip is definitely tilting ill.
Stick-Ups were a scenting product for built places where bad smells lived like laundry bins and convenience store restrooms in the '80s.

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reminds me of a flux capacitor

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Ha, it’s funny cos it’s a cock in a box!!


Does it talk?

Caption: “It’s interesting some of the solutions that we come up for solving our problems.”

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I’m seeing a new plot element that could save the matrix franchise .

That’ll bring in the grant money. But can’t they work in “robots” somehow?

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