Interviews with & portraits of sex-machine makers





Needs more leather fetish mask & goggles. Bring out the gimp.


George Clooney approves...


Exactly my thought. Just never understood the desire to spend so much energy on such a thing. Or space.


Apparently my friend's new job is one of those Ws... He is the Quality/Regulatory person for a lube manufacture -- he gets interesting packages every day for compatibility testing/etc.


Mary Roach's book Bonk had a passage relating to this surprisingly common hobby, and that part of Burn After Reading seemed to get it just about right. According to her research a typical scenario goes this way:

  1. Tinkerer husband gets it into his head to build a sex machine.
  2. Sex machine is built around the typical male idea of what gets a woman off: a dildo rhythmically moving in and out of the vulva (as opposed to a more focused stimulation of the clitoris).
  3. Wife uses machine once or twice to humor husband.
  4. Machine ends up for sale on eBay some months afterward.


I just read this bit myself and couldn't stop laughing because it's so TRUE. I particularly enjoyed the part where she asked a whole bunch of maker dudes at a sex machine "meet up" if they'd ever thought about incorporating clit stimulation, and there was this kind of awkward silence.

(BTW, I think you mean "moving in and out of the vagina" - vulva being the lips.)


You see, that's why I don't build sex machines. smile


I envision a new pavilion at the next Maker's Faire....should be interesting....

Now, will AdaFruit and/or Make sell kits or hold DIY workshops, that is the question.

Also, please feel free to tag up potential OS-spinoff names for these.


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