The "Period Pain Simulator" lets men experience menstrual cramps

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I like that the booth operators are getting a real kick out of administering the treatment.

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Probably a great idea, but I had a vasectomy that began before anesthesia kicked in, so, ah… I think I’m good on that one.


Maybe not. Can only hurt to be sure.


They missed a great way to use fake blood capsules.


Good. Can we make doctors who continually dismiss pain issues as non-trivial experience this so they can make better decisions regarding quality of life care?


The trick with that approach, of course, would be then convincing these doctors that the experience from the simulator approaches that of an actual period.


Meh, call me when one of these men wears the simulator for two full weeks set on, say, 6. A few minutes of what we endure every month for days, if not weeks on end does not a proper simulation make.


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Also, does this have an endometriosis setting? I remember my sister used to have to be out of school for several days because she’d be so sick from the cramps, which is why she ended up on birth control as a teenager.


Now if they can make them nauseous, headachy, mood swingy and world weary at the same time for days on end, then I would say they have a simulator.
Oh and have to smile and be caring to everyone that whole time…


I mean, as women, isn’t that our sole function in life, to make others feel better, no matter what?!? /s


I think I read that the same company that manufactures this device is also working on a “Blue Balls” machine. /s

Don’t forget the period shits!


I’m pretty sure that’s just a TENS unit making the abdominal muscles contract. I’m no expert, but I bet this doesn’t feel like cramps at all.

I am curious though about how intense intestinal cramping (you know, the hot sweaty cramps) from eating very (very) spicy food compares to menstrual cramps. Anyone who has experienced both of these have any insight on this?

As an IBS, GERD, and an endometriosis sufferer I can say that the fact that eating spicy food and it’s consequences is a choice whereas menstuation happens if you are biological disposed to it if you like it or not.
Pain wise spicy food can cause sudden crippling pain that usually localised goes away relatively quickly with meds or a visit to your nearest toilet. Now take that pain, stretch it out for days, have it go up your back and down your legs and pulse up or down in intensity randomly and could happen anytime then we can start to have a conversation.
Add on the emotional impact of decades of people telling you that is normal, take a couple of Tylenol and birth control and stop complaining you hysterical woman… yeah I’m a little emotional on the subject.
I’d take the choice of eating spicy foods over menstruation any day.


I wonder if they wipe the attachment clean between uses.

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Disposable electrodes are cheap, hopefully that’s what they opted for.

I’ll just leave this here…

I’m not a physician, but it’s perhaps worth noting that electrically induced cramps, in addition to being able to turn them off, probably aren’t quite as agonizing as those caused by the body itself.


Yeah, a few seconds here and there is a feeble comparison, and I’d been thinking that such surface effects are gonna be nowhere near what our bodies can get up to when they decide to hurt us.

I remember damn near falling outta bed, doubled over in pain from the @^#%*&?$! cramps which awakened me from sound sleep.

I saw vid of some folks trying out this machine amongst themselves at home with friends and family. That was at least a year ago. The men tried it, and they jumped, yelled, gasped, & freaked TF out. They could barely speak.

Then the women tried it.

The women just stood there, nodding. “Yeah. That’s about right,” they said in their normal voices when asked if the results were realistic.

The men were gobsmacked by the women’s total lack of reaction when hit with that pain, and you could see it turn into a freaked-out species of admiration.