Regular ibuprofen usage "alters human testicular physiology"


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omg - advil was the drug of choice for guys getting older - its like a magic pill that (some) men eat regularly, particularly to reduce body aches associated w/ strenuous muscle activity or when, frankly, you are feel it in the joints from old age-y-ness. I will now switch to tylenol in a pinch but will try to do w/o. hope my boys are ok.


So Tylenol ruins my liver, advil ruins my testicles, I guess I am left with Alleve?

I’ve got a headache…is it really that hard to just cure a headache without killing me?


It’s Willow bark for me now.


I got a line on some pharmaceutical-grace Placebo…


I take 200 to 400 mg maybe once or twice a day for a couple days if I am sore from sports or other labor. The test subjects took 600 mg twice a day for 6 weeks. If you had a bad back you could think, which do I go for, excruciating back pain or some bigger balls. Not a hard choice (especially if mostly reversible).


So, no one thought to run a concurrent women’s study? There’s so much sexism in science, and people just don’t notice it…


Huh, Grandpa was right, there really is a big government/big pharma conspiracy to turn us all into girly-men.


According to the study, women’s testicles were unaffected.

There’s so much sexism in science, and people just don’t notice it…

Don’t worry, people here notice things like this. But thank you for your Concern.


Oh the joy when you don’t remember your Greek:
Hypo-: Prefix meaning low, under, beneath, down, or below normal, as in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyposensitivity (undersensitivity). The opposite of hypo- is hyper-.

Hyper would be big balls. Hypo, not so much. Sorry to spoil the fun!


I’ve been taking naproxen pretty steadily and frequently forever. I’m waiting on that shoe to drop.


For a good while I took ketoprofen (specifically Orudis KT, before they pulled it from over the counter sales in the US) on a regular basis, because ibuprofen wouldn’t touch the pain, but ketoprofen would at least prevent it from increasing. I can’t help but wonder if it’s more of the -profens (propions) than just ibuprofen that have this sort of effect. Would explain the utter and abject failure of the twins to produce viable swimmers. Suppose I could sue for millions for loss of descendants?


Hrm - so my choices now are big balls that don’t work right, or zero pain relief at night. Fuck my life.


an account made to explain proper Greek usage? do you comment under this name across the internet or are you starting your campaign today here at BB?
good luck, I guess?


Your Greek is correct, but not your medical terminology. The “hypo” in hypogonadism refers not to the size of said gonads, but to their functionality (testosterone production in this case), whereas the adjustment of size is covered by the other word in the full name of the condition: “compensated hypogonadism”. That is, the testicles produce less testosterone per unit of volume, but this is compensated by the increase in their size.


but does it affect the flavour?


Actually, ‘hypogonadism’ refers to reduced activity of the gonads, and doesn’t necessarily have any impact on their size.

Confusingly, ‘compensated hypogonadism’ doesn’t actually relate to lower levels of anything; it involves normal levels of testosterone, and increased levels of luteinizing hormone. The skewed testosterone/LH ratio apparently causes symptoms similar to reduced testosterone levels.


So ibuprofen is perfectly fine for pain sufferers whose balls are way too big. Got it.


Strictly an aspirin man myself.