Careful study reveals that low testosterone is almost nonexistent and that taking T has almost no health benefits


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Placebo effect for insecure men everywhere.


“rejuvenation fantasies thrive on hope without needing facts.”



They should really have a medical professional take a look at that, probably a mental health professional.


“Professionals” scare them off. Too elite.


I thought so. I’m a beta male brown vegetarian and my T is fine (had it measured because of all the articles about low T in overweight men). what a crock of horse dung every other blog post in menshealth and the like are. and I also supposedly need to eat 1 oz of protein per Kilo body weight…another piece of horse shiz…



A certain gleam in the eyes is all I need.


A large-scale, long-term double-blind study found that low testosterone levels were far, far lower than previously suspected

that’s a confusing sentence; I thought you were saying the reference range was found to be wrong, or that they found really low levels in a lot of men. As the article states, the incidence of low testosterone is overstated, at least by those selling supplementation.

Testosterone does improve libido, though not as much as Viagra does

That’s also not what the article says…it says men are better off using Viagra, meaning that the increase in libido from testosterone supplementation doesn’t translate to an increase in sexual function.


This is exactly the sort of fake news that would be put out there by soyboys! Man, this is just typical beta male pajama boys bullshit.

Now if you will excuse me I’m off to take my Alex Jones dick pills, only $89 a bottle!


But are they made out of real Alex Jones dick???


That’s why I use only the gallon jugs of powdered flamingo anuses sold by Alex Jones.


Assholes by Big Asshole?


The first time I ever heard about Testosterone ‘supplementation’ was running into a friend-of-a-friend at a party who had all kinds of anger issues, obesity, alcoholism - and D-cup man boobs resting on a beer gut. He said he went to the doctor and got testosterone prescribed. I tried VERY HARD to not look at his tits and blurt out, “Are you sure it’s not diet & exercise?”

This, with a crew-cut:


Now with 100% more soy byproducts (which oddly most are actually good for you) to own the libs!


This is Bob. Bob has… fun bags.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. *dies now*


I don’t know why my reply singled out fitzador - it was a general response to the post.


You are treating the ‘science’ with all the respect it deserves.


What amount of musculature and strength are you trying to have, and is that happening for you as a vegetarian? (Serious question.)


The article did not indicate if environmental issues had been considered. The amount of phytoestrogens in food today is very high. Eat enough estrogen you’ll probably have lower testosterone.

Try this experiment, men. Go through your kitchen and see how many foods you eat regularly that contain soy. If if it is “most” then tell us how your workout routine is going.

The article was for 65+ but the food today will probably bottom out your T levels long before you get that old.