Careful study reveals that low testosterone is almost nonexistent and that taking T has almost no health benefits


That sounds lime a mighty unusual kitchen.

As for the myth you seem to have fallen for:

Another widespread misconception about soy is that it decreases the testosterone levels in men and can lead to prostate cancer. These concerns, however, originate from studies in rodents that showed the impaired ability for male rats to produce offspring when given high doses of phytoestrogens. It’s important to distinguish that rodents metabolize soy isoflavones differently than humans – it has not been shown to have the same effect in humans. Furthermore, a meta-analysis research study (a method of combining data from several selected studies) published in Fertility and Sterility presented that soy protein or isoflavones did not affect the reproductive hormones in men.


That’s fine. There are always opposing opinions. We are not really sure that soy is a good treatment for menopause, though there are some successes.

I was actually asking people to look at what they eat. It is surprising how many foods today are high in estrogen-like chemicles which is no myth.

Fun fact, some bodybuilders think (not sure where they’re getting their info from) that since soy has phyto-estrogens that it blocks any mammal estrogen absorption since they’ll bind to the receptors in some cases but nothing happens as a result. But again this is all hearsay from what I’ve seen in the bro-builder forums and the like.


You live in the same town as (snickering) ‘Fun Bags’ - if you run into him, ask him what he eats - and then don’t eat any of it!

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Testosterone does improve libido, though not as much as Viagra does

That statement is incorrect.
Viagra does ZERO for libido. It doesn’t increase sexual desire. It only improves the ability to get an erection. In fact if you aren’t stimulated viagra won’t automatically give you an erection.
Libido (desire) and erectile dysfunction two different things.


So…Viagra is just a placebo, too? If you were already stimulated, then why…

I tell ya, ya just can’t trust Big Pharma at all…

Viagra doesn’t automatically give you a hardon. You have to be stimulated
For some men even with stimulation they have erectile dysfunction. Permanent ‘whiskey dick’ to be blunt.
Viagra is prescribed for that situation. There are injectable ED drugs that don’t require stimulation. But you have to stick a needle in your dick.

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Eeeeeeeeee! I just crossed my legs, and I don’t even have a dick!


Mint condition in mint package Boba Fetts do. Er, so I’ve heard…


Yeah, science schmience, amirite?! It’s all just like, opinions, man.


As one of those rare few low-to-no-testosterone men - it was a choice between radiation or dyng of cancer - I hope this doesn’t give the drug companies a reason to cut production and raise prices on testosterone.


I’d say the vast majority of the market are like the aforementioned ‘Fun Bags’ - an easy, durable market that is inadvertently subsidizing your medication. They read and believe the men’s magazines, not medical journals.


@Gabfest looks at the best scientific evidence available: “yeah, well, that’s like, your opinion man”.


Didn’t you know? Tofu and soy and such are weakass meat substitutes.

Meat means gains, and so of course, soy is for boys!


I still don’t allow cats in my house because laboratory studies show that close proximity to felines increases mortality risk by 5000%.


Meh. Give me a short, happy life filled with felines over a long, lonely one.


there are men who actually do have extremely low testosterone levels. my testosterone level, without injections, is less than 10% of the of the average testosterone level for a man of my age. without testosterone injections every two weeks my testosterone level is equivalent to the average levels in females my age. my doctor keeps a close watch on my health and so far (going on 8 years) i have suffered no ill effects of the regimen. over the same period of time i have lost 110 pounds and gotten excellent control of my type 2 diabetes. i wouldn’t recommend using this therapy for someone who is a few ng/dL below normal but for someone like myself who has a level of 30 ng/dL it would certainly be worth considering.


My elderly father took testosterone for decades because he was obsessed with staying young and virile. Not only did it not improve his memory and vitality, it made him a delusional idiot full of conspiracy theories, pointless anger and a firm belief that he knew better than trained professionals in any medical field. It made him completely impossible to live with and quite possibly may have been a factor in his divorce and several poor decisions he’s made in his life.

If we hadn’t been able to cut off his testosterone, he would be in a nursing home right now out of sheer necessity. Instead, he’s once again a sane and wonderful human being and I’m actually going to be moving in with him soon to help take care of him, something I would never have considered a remote possibility a year and a half ago.


Lol, thia old one again. I wish soy lowered testosterone levels, but it doesn’t. If it did lots of transgender girls, women, and enbys would be jumping on it. But, no, eating soy will not decrease your t levels, increase either your e1 or e2 levels, or have any feminizing effects.

In fact taking any sex hormones orally is very ineffective. Estradiol is usually taken either via a transdermal method or injected. I think t is only done injected, but I could be wrong there.


Estrogen is done with pills. A lot of gals think it’s more effective injected, but my wife’s doc said a lot of that is the legacy of DIYing estrogen in trans culture. My wife got started on estrogen in pill form. (Yay!)

She really wished eating soy could have helped. :slight_smile:

Testosterone has to be injected, but they have patches, and some subdermal pellets. I do injections because all other options are way more expensive.

I really wish the low testosterone crowd would give it up, because it causes shortages on testosterone from time to time.