Regular ibuprofen usage "alters human testicular physiology"


Or the other ball to drop?


Good old Pirin tabs. Might be worth switching to them…



Be careful. Bayer is merging with Monsanto. Aspirin may become Round-up Ready™.


I am a woman who takes ibuprofen daily, so, yeah, I am concerned.


It can seriously jack with your stomach. Ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding. Really bad idea to take more than the recommended dose. Especially if your taking it regularly or on an empty stomach.


“He’s got compensated hypogonadism, and SHE’S got compensated hypogonadism, but WE"VE GOT THE MOST COMPENSATED HYPOGONADS OF THEM ALL!!”


so ask your doctor about Celebrex!

sorry, had a little flashback there. I worked on sales tools for cox-2 inhibitors way back when. You’re right that GI bleeds are the worst / most prevalent problem associated with long term NSAID use.

I wish I had more useful input, but long term pain management seems to be a remarkably tricky thing.


Been using NSAIDs on and off for years. In the last few years I’ve resumed my caffeine addiction and have a couple of 12 oz cups of coffee a day. It works as well as or better than ibuprofen for my pain management issues.
Acetaminophen doesn’t do anything for my joint and muscle pain, and is too toxic for my taste anyhow


Just use great grandma’s home remedy- smoke opium.


Pfft, my grandmama was too classy for that. Nothing but laudanum for her.


I think you’re being sarcastic, but I’ll give a straight answer anyway. From what I understand- drug studies on women are much rarer because their hormonal system is much easier to damage. It is cheaper and less risky in many ways to do drug studies on men only. This of course means that safety data is incomplete in a lot of cases. There are studies that test women, but these tend to happen later in a drugs testing. When it is necessary to use women, the cost goes up.


Lace Curtain Laudanumites.


Actually, in the US ethics requirements in human subjects research mandate that you cannot exclude a sex (or race/ethnic category, age group, etc.) without it being fundamental to the nature of the research inquiry (e.g., a study of effects on developed testicles can ethically exclude individuals without them). The problem with the (bullshit) “women just have such dainty parts that we need to not study them as much” approach that was de rigueur for decades and only started to change a few decades back, is that the science enacts sexism by assuming that women are the same, when in fact they are sometimes different than men. For example, an AMI recovery drug approved by the FDA a few decades ago did a decent job of improving survival chances for males, and for post-menopausal females, but—because pre- and perimenopausal women had been excluded—when treated, pre- and perimenopausal women died of stroke/thrombic embolism because of an interaction between the drug and estrogens causing a huge increase in blood clotting.

Of course, assuming that women are different, when if fact they are sometimes the same as men enacts a different kind of sexism (as when, given two patients presenting identical signs and symptoms, clinicians tend to treat men medically, but women psychologically).


I am now at the age I will pick a pain free good nights sleep over a healthy sex drive.


Oh yeah. Great as an anti inflamatory/pain reducer but seriously have it with a meal or follow the directions of a full glass of water when taking it.
Otherwise heartburn like you have an active ulcer…


But it’s worth it!




Well part of the reason the guys this study was checking up on were taking Ibuprofen is you can take a fuck ton of it before you get a problem. And the GI problems for a long time have been one of the few things to worry about. I’ve had family members give me “military motrin” left over from their various deployments and on the job injuries. 1500mg horse pills of Ibuprofen. The dosage information said to take 2.

Even with this little reveal it should be safer for routine use than Tylenol.

The Naproxen? You probably don’t want to toss back 4 of them for a hang over the way I do with Ibuprofen.


CBD extract?


I’ve had chronic sinus trouble since my youth, ibuprofen is basically a food group. I’m sure it’s too late for me.