UK launches massive study of aspirin's cancer-fighting ability

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"The study found that aspirin prevented fewer deaths from both cancer and heart attacks in a population tghat took aspirin every day. " ?? What does it mean to prevent fewer deaths?


It fights cancer and helps get you knocked up? What else? Is it a clean alternative to gasoline and the solution to the Greek debt crisis? This thing is a miracle!

(Been taking it for years, yay!)


can’t be fucked to read the articles. what doses are we talking about? presumably less than the dosage provided by an over the counter pill?

The article mentions a single low-dose aspirin tablet. A regular dose is 325 mg. A low-dose tablet us usually around 81 mg - the same as a baby aspirin.


Looks like a poorly paraphrased version of this:

And it finds that if 1,000 people (500 men and 500 women) aged 60 take aspirin for ten years then - compared with 1,000 people who DIDN’T take aspirin - over the next 20 years you’d see: Pros: Around 17 fewer deaths, including: 16 fewer deaths from cancer overall 1.4 fewer deaths from heart attacks
Probably should have said "aspirin results-in/contributes-to/etc fewer deaths..."

Aspirin and cancer risk

UK study finds that NHS funding for cancer research no longer necessary, advises medical professionals to supply aspirin to non-private patients.

Taking pain killers every day? Wouldn’t people who do that typically have a serious health problem to begin with?
So here’s a theory:
The medication-taking group was more likely to see a doctor when their pain persisted despite the medication; and so were statistically more likely to detect cancer early and treat it more successfully.
The group who took no medication was statistically more likely to shrug it off as something normal, as one sometimes does with a chronic pain that establishes itself very slowly over a period of months or years.

Lots of faith in doctors you have. I’ve had more misdiagnoses in my life than hot dinners. Thank Muad’Dib for Google and online medical texts.

well yeah, but most of my misdiagnoses were the ones made by myself. cooperation is key. some doctors don’t listen, but so do some patients.

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Does ibuprofen (which is derived from aspirin) work as efficiently? With all that I take for my sinuses, I just may live forever.

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