Laxatives for ladies

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They need to stock those at the dry cleaners.


Ah, I see. Twice as expensive, for a demographic that is generally being paid less for the same work. It makes total sense in this day and age and alternate universe we’re living in.


It would just be stupid, if it wasn’t for the price gouging.


Non-gendered laxatives are also enteric coated. The only difference is the color of the box, and double the price of course.


But ladies don’t poo.


I’ve always wanted to make cleaning supplies For Men, including a bandalier of various cleaning solutions, and a gauntlet that sprays and has sponge and scouring pads on the palms and fingertips, with little retractable scraper claws in the fingertips. It would also definitely come with a mini back-mounted lo-pressure washer.

The more I imagined it, though, It seems like it would immediately be called a novelty item and would have to be made on the cheap and would only be purchased as a joke. If only we were there with “women’s” products…


Well, the pill is also pink.

The medical aisle is FULL of scams, not just targeted at ladies. I used to buy an expensive lidocaine cream, when I found out there was something 1/4th the cost an aisle over that worked just as well (though it was 1% less active ingredient).

Toothpaste? IT’S ALL THE SAME STUFF!!! The generic looking stuff, the fancy foil wrapped stuff - it all has just one of 2 or 3 active ingredients. Need sensitive toothpaste? Again it’s all the same stuff with an extra 1 of 2 active ingredients.

Shampoo? Now I suppose you can tell me you do notice a difference between the $1 Suave and a high dollar bottle, but a 3-5 dollar bottle over an expensive Salon brand? It’s smelly soap for your hair - not a secret chemical to create super soldiers.

OH and just like the article - having trouble sleeping? Want a mild sleep aid? Don’t buy the Unisom. Don’t buy generic Unisom. Go an aisle over and get the generic Benadryl - it’s the same stuff for less!


Being the always charitable-minded person I am, I clicked the link ready to see there was a difference. Like, there is a known problem that many drugs have been tested on men and just assumed to work the same for women. This is not always the case. It’s possible that there are different chemicals that are better laxatives for different people, and that sex chromosomes are a good predictor of which ones work well for you…

Same pill, pink box, twice the price.

Nice when they leave no doubt to give the benefit of.


Par for the course.

And yes, as a result a lot of us buy ‘men’s products’ instead. Razors: do we really need them to be pink? Deodorant? Soap?

But identical medicines differentiated by the color pink…that’s pushing the envelope, and not in a good way.


Doctor please, some more of these,
Outside the door she took four more,
What a drag it is getting old.

No shit.


I’m not a pharmacist, but this doesn’t seem right.

Unisom: Doxylamine succinate tablets, 25mg

Benadryl: Diphenhydramine HCl 25 mg


Listen. These things are great. It’s how my wife and I loudly defend our God-given genders and protect America from the queers. How else is my wife supposed to be reminded of her subservient role besides having everything she owns be pink?

That’s why I buy her these and for myself I buy manly yogurt, instead of that sissy stuff:


Exactly! That’s why it costs more than twice as much - before they can soften anything up, they have to overcome that inconvenient law of nature!


Does the regular, or manly, package say 35 tablets, compared to the 25 soft, feminine, dainty tablets?

Both say they’re coated, although the girly purgatives are specifically “comfort coated”, begging the question: what do the merely-coated tablets do? What makes the femme unclogger coating comfortable?


Patent idea: time-released oral perfumes so people can have their shit smell like roses.


Has Consumer Reports ever taken both laxatives for “test drive” to see which one is more gentle?

This isn’t necessarily a gender issue-- as a man I sometimes want the “gentler” diarrhea, and I don’t want to pay extra for a pill that doesn’t have any benefit. Pink or green, it all ends up looking the same.

But mine already smell like roses. . . to me.


While Unisom is a bad example all other sleep aids I have seen are basically a double dose of Benadryl.

Both do the same thing though.


Unison is still a good example.

Most OTC sleep aids are really just diphenhydramine HCL. Side note: diphenhydramine was originally developed as a possible antidepressant, but wasn’t a very good one. The antihistamine properties and the sleepiness were both marketable side-effects, though. And thus, two products were born.

Some Unisom products are diphenhydramine HCL, some are doxylamine. Doxlyamine is also an antihistamine as well as a sleep aid.


If I eat this yogurt, will I turn into a manly dude?