Because sexism: Mansize Kleenex to be renamed


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Incel sized?


Should just be called “American Sized”.


Snot fair.


They could’ve gone for “Heavy Flow” sized…


Based on the packaging, I would assume they were specifically for mopping up, um, “man messes.”


Huh. I never knew this was a thing, and honestly I don’t get it. Are men supposed to produce more snot than women? Are their noses so much larger that they need physically larger kleenex to get enough coverage? Or is this a wink and a nudge at cleaning up ejaculate?


So, Hand Size?


I’ve never even heard nor seen these my entire life. Are they regional?


Mostly the first thing.


Then they should make a “toddler size” that is approximately the size of a tablecloth.


Manwich aka Sloppy Joe Sauce?


I don’t know about sputum production, but male nasal cavities are known to be statistically larger than female nasal cavities, enough larger that forensic pathologists can reliably use cavity measurement to differentiate sex from skeletal remains.

As men are generally larger than women, it doesn’t seem to me particularly offensive to use “mansize” for this, but I’m from an older generation and maybe out of touch. I can certainly imagine that it is no longer useful as a marketing tool for the product. Is “male” and “female” for electrical plugs and sockets also out of favor?


You call it what you like.


I went to a Snot Fair once when I was a child. The Bicycling Boogers were amazing.


But, but…
…if I don’t use the MAN-sized I’ll turn teh gay!


I hear The Gays like man-sized things.


Check what, m8?


Are “Hungry-Man® Frozen Dinners” also taking some heat, or are they safe because they taste horrible? Maybe “horrible” is too mean. You certainly do need to be hungry though.

I’ve never noticed these “mansize” Kleenex boxes in stores before either. But that could just be down to a lack of observation on my part.


These have been around since the 1960’s. I remember seeing them on the shelf at the grocery store. I bought a box of them at one time to see what they were like, as I tend to blow a hole through a “normal” tissue, but went back to using 2 tissues instead.

They have not sold in the USA for some time now for some reason.

Note the “manly” decor adorning the box: