I finally found a deodorant that doesn't give me a rash (but it costs $20)

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Have you tried Lush? They have a range. Probably no cheaper but they’ll give free samples so you won’t lose out if they don’t suit (apart from getting another rash, I suppose). I use the one that smells like hippies.


Lush’s Teo is surprisingly amazing given that it’s basically baking soda. Super long lasting, and takes forever to run out. This from a skeptical non-soap using guy.

This was flagged as spam, so not sure how else we’re supposed to answer when someone asks for suggestions… make your own, I don’t care. =p


Yeah, their stuff smells great, but doesn’t work (on my body chemistry)

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Kitty litter.

Okay, fine… advanced kitty litter. (That’s what “microzeolites” are.) I suspect this is the “secret ingredient.” No telling if it would work, but I’d ruin a cheap blender by trying to grind up kitty litter into a fine powder and throw in some bicarb and mix together in a slurry with very little water, and some kind of oil with an emulsifier. Beeswax and maybe olive oil.


Scratch the olive oil, it would go rancid fairly easily… cocoa butter?


I’ve had good luck with the Herban Cowboy line. I still get occasional abscesses, but a tiny fraction of the problems I had with regular deodorants/antiperspirants.


I use Sam’s Natural Deodorant. I’ve bought about 6 different scents and, so far most of them smell like nothing, the original scent is the only one i’ve found with a good scent. No dermatological problems anymore though, so not complaining about the others.

Currently I use the spray version of the crystal stuff. On a long day I’ll reapply once or twice, which is also refreshing as a bonus. For me the crystal worked fine (with work and soft enough water,) but was too much hassle and eventually started growing things in its crevasses.

Before this I thought I liked Tom’s of Maine, but the gradual darkening of my skin lead me to discover all sorts of grossness going on.

edit to clarify: I mentioned water softness because I’ve come across folks who complain about the crystal deodorant who on examination aren’t using up their rock.

I make my own. :smile:

It’s really pretty easy - the recipe I use is 1 part coconut oil to 0.75 parts baking soda. Warm the coconut oil to some extent (actually to liquid is ideal, but not necessary), mix with baking soda. Then put it in the refrigerator a few minutes to solidify it. When it’s reasonably gelatinous, scoop into a deodorant container (you can buy empty ones or re-use one). I then store it in the refrigerator. It should be fine on the shelf most of the year, but coconut oil melts above 74 degrees, so it could make a huge mess in the summer. That’s the big nuisance about it.

You can’t get much more mild than that. And it works pretty well. Cost would be maybe a buck for baking soda, and probably ~$10 or so for a jar of coconut oil. Maybe $10 for 5 empty deodorant sticks. That would mix you up something in the neighborhood of 10 deodorant sticks or so. Figure an ongoing cost of maybe a dollar a stick.

Unhappy Mutant.


I use Herbal Clear which runs around $6 a stick. I can get it at most organic markets. http://www.herbalclearnaturally.com/home.asp


I like Arm & Hammer unscented. It’s baking soda based and it works great for me, plus it’s usually one of the cheapest options at the store. Unscented is good because I usually hate how deodorants are scented. A con is white chunks in your pits, so no tank tops for you.

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$20? Meh. If it works for you, then it’s probably worth the twenty cents per day that it costs.


I had similar issues that went away when I switched to Byly (http://byly.com/eng/web/index.php).


You can buy all of those ingredients on Amazon, so if you have some time to experiment with amounts you could probably make a reasonable facsimile

This stuff is excellent! http://www.amazon.com/Crystal-Deodorant-Roll-On-Unscented-Ounce/dp/B00028QFAY

If zeolites are “microporous, aluminosilicate minerals” (per Wikipedia) I’m skeptical this product has any real benefit for people trying to avoid the aluminum in most commercial brands. Can someone explain how MenScience can claim this product is aluminum free?

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Most commercial products give me a rash, too. The one exception is Almay gel antiperspirant, it’s available at many supermarkets and drug stores. Yes, it contains aluminum, but, I am convinced of my skin’s ability to keep those molecules on my outside. http://www.prevention.com/beauty/skin-care/does-aluminum-antiperspirants-cause-cancer-and-alzheimers

Shiseido Selensure. I’m guessing it’s sold in Japan only. 30ml for around $4. Worth every penny. Works for hours, doesn’t cause rashes or itchiness.


Ditto for me (though I use the scented one). The only one that doesn’t make me itch.