The periodic table of storytelling



So I’m reading, and I’m thinking to myself “I can’t believe I know so many of these!”, then, inevitably (I won’t kid myself, I knew what I was doing) a wild trope appears!

Dammit Maggie, there goes my productivity for the day.


That is SO cool!

It’s nice to see one of these periodic tables that actually has some kind of row and column structure, rather than cribbing from chemistry for the pretty.

I just snarfed an old story telling device The Plot Genie which consists of a spinner for random numbers and tables of protagonists, antagonists, settings, challenges, goals and so on. Apparently, there were TV tropes before we even had television.

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I was hoping for something along the lines of The Periodic Table of Science Fiction (now in convenient Blogspot form), but this is nice too.

I’m afraid to click that link and get sucked into the black hole that is tvtropes.

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I have been so effing tired of seeing “periodic table of {FOO}” where they just took Mendeleev’s original PTable layout (that we all know and love/hate) and cram their data to fit into that form, completely ignoring the usefulness of periodicity and grouping.

Sure, it’s a “table” of your-crappy-and-unimportant-data, but it’s not a “periodic table”.

I really, really, really appreciate that they actually took the effort to maintain some semblance of structure, even though it makes it look quite a bit different from the familiar one.

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Man I love tvtropes - I can go down that rabbit hole for hours. If I ever made a contributor account, my life would be over.

The site was born from discussing TV shows, but quickly spread to include every medium you can think of, so it’s kind of misnomered.

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