The physical toll of war in a new Mutter Museum exhibit


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When we visited last summer, they had one case of Civil War skeletons in the basement. It must be their regular display.

Lots of leg bones were severed by lead balls and left in that state. I assume those people didn’t live long, due to infection. Life was harder back then.

I am a fan of the Mutter Museum and now I find myself looking forward to seeing this new exhibit. One of my favorite displays is the eye injuries, they have more than just a sharp stick in the eye, all made in wax. By far I find it one of the least unsettling of their displays.

If you are going to see the Mutter museum and some of the other museums, you should get a combined ticket. We were just in Philidelphia but didn’t have time to go to the Mutter but we still picked up the combined tickets, as they are good for a year. (If you were wondering we combined tickets for the Mutter and the U Penn Anthropology Museum, i’d wait a week or two from now before going to U Penn, they were in the middle of changing exhibits and rotating statues).

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