The Police Use of Force project: a scorecard for America's police-department policies

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San Diego isn’t in there? We have a bunch of cowboys/girls here that will savage your person for any reason. Sadly City Hall is too busy to wrap their brains around the issue.


California seems to have more than it’s share of dysfunctional law enforcement departments. They’re pretty sure it’s your problem though.

This is a needed project. In 2013, the DOJ surveyed LE departments nationally and got gobbledygook.

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Philadelphia: for the sake of human life, please do not turn this into a drinking game.


California is in no way exceptional in that regard.


Appeal to common decency: finish your drink!


The fact that any police force doesn’t require officers to stop or report the use of excessive force is pure madness.

If an officer is witnessing a crime committed against a civilian, they have a duty to act.

If they won’t act to stop crimes in progress, they do not deserve to wear a badge not collect a single penny of public money.


I have an RPG campaign currently set in Indianapolis. Oh, my players are in for a surprise, especially as one of them is practically the Platonic Ideal of the Privileged White Middle Class Male who believes that The Police Are Here To Help And Solve Crimes.


I’ve long fantasized about some sort of isopleth map of us police departments showing relative levels of garden variety corruption… this looks like a more useful tool, in that it gives the plebes some kind of political leverage to try to lobby our guardians.


Wow, go Philadelphia! Who saw that coming? Frank Rizzo is turning in his grave.

Baltimore’s current Police Chief is, at least, giving some lip service to cleaning up the department. At the very least, the murder rate for 2016 does not appear to have the homicidal rage of record-breaking-year 2015. I’m going to send them a link to this project and inquire as to their thoughts on the matter. I don’t have high expectations.

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