The privacy wars have been a disaster and they're about to get a LOT worse

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It will be a great day on planet Earth when FacefuckingBook is ground to dust.


whoa, that Zuckerberg guy is really buff!

I would dump it in a heartbeat, but it’s a good way to keep up with family in different parts of the country. Plus I have yet to find anything that works as well as the Events feature.

It still sucks and is a POS, but it has it’s uses.


Photo credit? I can’t find this poster.

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I took the picture at a conference in Berlin.

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Ah! That explains why I can’t find it.

I don’t type German!

Aside from the obvious bad idea of voice-activated TVs in a sports bar, to what end? Bars already have security cameras.

Free Your Data
They have them in the closed system of Pinterest? WTF, Free your data? They use a site that seems to require a login to view images?

1000+ images about Illustrations on Pinterest | Larry Page, Board Member and Edward Snowden

Edit: they do have the images for download at the bottom of the “press kit” page:
Press | Free Your Data

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They aren’t tied to either the TV manufacturer or the “Channel” being watched – now HBO knows that you hang out at Hooters almost every Thursday night.

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