The psychedelic paintings of Hannah Faith Yata



Hi. This post has 11 full size images in the main feed. I just wanted to gently and respectfully suggest in the future having 1 or 2 spotlight images in the feed and a click-through for the rest. Anyone who is interested enough in the first couple of images would click-through anyway. :smile:



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This art reminds me of the work of Stephanie Lucas. Her paintings are like the art you find carved into the walls of temples in south east Asia except with the addition of acid. They are amazingly detailed and wonderfully insane. You can’t help but look at them and wonder “what is the story being told? Is there a story is or this an orgy?”

Well now. That was a delightfully NSFW series of pictures that required a bunch of very hurried scrolling.


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I have to concur - the endless scroll of boobs and boob-like images whilst browsing at work was exercise I didn’t need!

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