The push to autonomous driving

He isn’t old enough to say he was just looking for the nearest Cracker Barrel/Farmers Market and go lost.

I am predicting more and more cities are going to start lining the streets with concrete and/or steel posts to keep cars off the sidewalks. Aside from terror attacks, you have old/disabled people hitting people, and in NYC a guy off his meds with mental issues plowing through people. Even though these things are incredibly rare, there is just so many areas where lots of people and traffic are separated by mere feet and a low curb.


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Yep – autonomous vehicle push. Will need a specialist license to pilot a vehicle in 30 years.


That’s coming no matter what. It will start probably with required auto drive on highways. Fine with me, I’ll be old and can play on my computer or take a nap.

I bet there will be drive parks in the future, where people can go drive for fun. They already have it for sport driving and racing, as well as off road.


Driving past 70? No No.
President past 70? 'Murica!

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Absolutely. My extremely active 90-year-old grandparents would love to have their personal mobility back. I also have disabled family members that can’t drive. It’s essential that we find ways for folks like this to get around safely, and I truly hope autonomous vehicle development continues to accelerate for this reason.

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