The real dog behind the "doge" memes has cancer

Originally published at: The real dog behind the "doge" memes has cancer | Boing Boing


I hope they do consider helping that poor being to find a rest.

As always, cancer is an arsehole.

While you scroll over this, I would like to ask you to please register at the bone marrow registry near you. (Please take care they cooperate with the WMDA.) Can’t dodge doge’s cancer, but maybe some hoomans can be helped.


This is probably happening because of the crypto-meltdown.

Sorry for the doggo, though. He looks like a sweetie.

According to a few different websites I found, Shiba Inus typically tend to live for about 12-15 years, so this doggo has done pretty well in that regard.


Perhaps Dogecoin would like to pay the bills from the vet.

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