The glorious Shiba Inu dog cafe in Japan

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There are quite a few dog and cat cafes in major cities in Japan, but I just want to say upfront that the animals are not always well cared for. I once went to a place where the dogs were really low energy and underweight and it was just hard to be there. There are good places to go to with well-cared for pets (some of whom you can even adopt), but be sure to do your research ahead of time.


Shiba inu who are friendly and playful?

Shiba inu who actually pay attention to humans for longer than it takes for a quick hello and a scratch?

Shiba inu who aren’t cat-like in their aloofness, independence, and unwillingness to take a command as more than a suggestion that they will take into consideration, maybe?

Surely that café is an incursion from a parallel universe.


Hurray for cats . . .


I wonder if the cafe takes payments in Dogecoin.


No, Bark-Coin only…


Never understood the appeal of dogs, cats or other pets. You give them your time, money and “love” then they just up and die on you after a few years? Hard pass.

many dog.

such cafe



Log fire

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Besides dog and cat cafes, there are also bunny, hedgehog, and owl cafes. I’ve been to an owl cafe: you can admire the owls sitting on perches and if you want you can wear a glove and the more approachable ones will sit on your hand. But you have to wonder how good that environment is for the birds.


That’s not all that odd for spitz breeds, particularly working breeds.

We had malamutes and huskies as kids. Pretty similar level of not into your shit going on there. A lot of the type were bred specifically for going about their business unattended in harsh weather.

For whatever reason huskies and malamutes seem to have gotten very popular in cities. Hopefully it’s just cause there’s a lot of them in shelters, cause Jesus Christ I can’t think of a worse apartment dog.


I want to go to one of the Bunny cafes when I’m next in Japan, but I’m also fearful of what I’ll see. The ones I’ve seen on Twitter only show younger rabbits. Older rabbits need love and attention, too. They are very social animals and form strong bonds, rehoming them can be extremely traumatic. :disappointed:

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So get a turtle, but understand you may have to bequeath it to your grandchildren


I want to fall into a pile of Shiba Inus… or fall and be piled on by them.


Though it depends somewhat on the breed, rabbits are usually extremely delicate and can literally die from stress (if they stop eating, even for a short time, there is often no recovery from that). In an environment like that, I am not surprised that not many of the rabbits make it to old age…

I can’t imagine the dog fights that must erupt here. Shibas are loyal little, fighty bastards. Like chihuahuas on a bad day but bigger.

Unless you’re willing to die first, this will be true of every single living thing in your life. Pets, kids, friends, boing boing commenters…

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