Tokyo travel tips, day 3 (part 2): Micro-pets, micro-restaurants, and fluffy pancakes

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Might that be a Shiba Inu pup? (Glad that y’all are having a groovy time in any case; puppers make for added value~!)


Looks like a Jindo.

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“Do you have anything to declare, Mr…Frauenfelder?”

“No, nope, nothing to declare.” (((yip)))

“What was that.”

“Hiccups, sir.”


Looks like a white Shiba Inu to me, but I’m a cat person. Shiba Inu are cool dogs, though.


Could be a kishu ken or a shiba inu.

Those souffle pancakes look amazing.

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Oh snap! Now that I’ve seen your comment, I noticed the ears which are totally like a jindo!


I usually like my pancakes German style — flat, eggy, unfluffy — but those soufflé pancakes look amazing!

Here’s a recipe that I haven’t tried but it looks legit:


Mark, go look up “Only in Japan” video series on YouTube. Good insights about Japan in a friendly informative manner.



Thanks! Solar oven squad goals for when the cantaloupe go out of rotation, everyone?
What? You’re going to have desktop salamanders to deal with fixed-price city building cooling policy during negative pricing instead? Tell me whether I want those green disc things…

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Isn’t that puppy an adolescent Doge? Such puppy. Much cutes.

I found it really odd to see a customer smoking in one of the photos. How quickly expectations change. As a kid, I was used to people smoking everywhere, and now it seems strange when someone lights up anywhere but in an alleyway.

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Dunno what type of dog that puppy is, but in the article pic, it looks suspiciously like Gregg from Night in the Woods


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Grilled bitter melon! [The green thing on the skewer]

That is some hardcore “acquired taste” stuff.

I usually have to parboil them first before it becomes palatable for putting it in other dishes just to keep it from being overwhelming.


My mother in law (she’s Korean) grows those in her garden and pickles them. Agreed - they are an acquired taste, one which I do not have, but my wife likes them, and when her mom gives us a bunch of jars, she shares them with a friend.
I much prefer the pickled hot peppers.

I’m enjoying the travelogue! We’ve yet to go to Tokyo, but it’s on the short list for some time in the next couple years.


I learned about bitter melon while doing dim sum in Chinatown (NYC). They were stuffed with ground meat and fried. When I learned how easy it was to find them locally, I tried making different dishes with them. It took a while before I found a few which made them palatable.


You just reminded me it’s been too long since we’ve had dim sum. One of my favorite ways to enjoy a weekend lunch.
Last time my wife and I went to NYC, we spent half a day inhaling dumplings in Chinatown. Actually, every time we go to NYC we do that. The best was when we happened to be there Easter Sunday. It was super quiet in the city and we started on Eldridge street and ended up sitting on a bench under FDR enjoying the view of both bridges.


That’s not a ticket machine, that’s a nuclear launch control console off a submarine along with the instructional posters. Geeze. If US subway systems had something like that, the number of people whose heads exploded would sound like Chine New Year. ;0

Seriously. it looks like an outtake from Bladerunner

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Very Nice!

Very likely a Cream Shiba Inu - the rarest color of Shiba - the most expensive.

Had a red and a black - the Shiba is the golden retriever of Japan

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