Vegetable chowder popsicles!


Did you know the Japanese also eat delicious food that does not induce vomiting?


Don’t poke at him or he’ll find another goddamn banana.


No doubt after extensive focus group testing, the first tortilla chips available in the town I lived in were pollack roe and mayonnaise flavored. They were actually better than they sound.

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Where did you live at the time? I’ll guess New England, Old England, or Australia, but a part of me thinks it could be the Maritimes or maybe Iceland.

If you say “Iowa City” I will reach across the internet and smack you!

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This was in Japan, hence the comment here. A small town in Fukushima.

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I keep misreading that as “vegetable chowder prophesies!”

Which would be much more interesting.

My daughter’s a huge fan of the KitKats that come in dozens of flavors. She orders them straight from Japan because the internet is amazing.

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