The reason more Black women are choosing to give birth at home

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My Son was born at home, and it ain’t for the faint of heart, especially for long labors that are usually accompanied by first time birth for a Woman.


Thank you for this article/link. So important. Yet another disgraceful aspect of American healthcare. A global embarrassment.


The greatest country in the world, where Black women have a better chance of surviving if they avoid doctors and hospitals.


My family has a history of home births. I was a home birth as were many others in my immediate an extended family. I guess the difference is this was by choice and not necessity.


Implied quotation marks added for ya.

It is a damn shame.

I gave birth to my kid in a hospital, but thankfully I had a midwife; the doctor that was on call would have arbitrarily authorized a c-section when I didn’t actually need one. Sooo glad I had the presence of mind to speak up, asking if it was genuinely necessary.

It wasn’t and when they finally said “Push!” I got her out in about 20 minutes.

Being A WoC, I completely grok the innate mistrust many Black folks have for medical professionals.


highest maternal mortality rate. Out of 100,000 births, 43 Black mothers will die while giving birth. Statistically, that number may seem minuscule, but when compared to the 17

Maternal mortality rate in France is 8.7. In Norway it’s 1.8. Albania is 15.
17 is on par with Russia, Ukraine or Turkey.
43 is on par with Vietnam or Mongolia.

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White feller, here. This type of disregard for our black fellow citizens is fucking enraging.

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