Maternal death rates soared in U.S. during pandemic

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“Greatest Healthcare System in the World” my ass.

I’d like to see a breakdown of how many deaths occurred in the second half of 2022 because I bet it’s going to be more than the total of 2021. I want to know just how much blood is on the hands of the 6 completely corrupt SCOTUS “justices”.


Ah, the Republican PR conditioning for the public to go “meh” and accept the certain outcome of the upcoming War on Womens’ Right To Choose has been a roaring success. /s

Seriously though, do the Republicans believe that degrading the health care available to women is a bug…or a feature? RepubliScum.


Obviously it’s a feature. Look at percentage of the right women who died. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


“Pregnant women with Covid face a sevenfold risk of dying compared with uninfected pregnant women, according to one large meta-analysis tracking unvaccinated people”

It’s crazy that the anti-mask and anti-vaccine movements seems to be picking up steam in the face of all the (mounting) evidence… people are desperate to justify having been idiots for the last several years, I guess.

Well, they’ve made it pretty clear that they think a) degrading the health care available to everyone is a feature, and b) women dying unnecessarily in childbirth is good, actually. There’s really not a lot of mystery here.


I will point out, probably needlessly, but it needs to be said, that the “good” days for Non-Hispanic Black moms were still much worse that the worst of the “bad” days for whites and Hispanics. But no systemic racism, of course. That would be making it “woke.”

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If you don’t kill off enough women then some of them will have to compete with men for jobs.

/I want to say snark but I’m not sure this isn’t the actual thought process of the current GOP


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