The Remaining: Refugees, DJ Molles excellent zombie adventures


I love the series too. Just pre-ordered book 5 which comes out in a month from now.

It’s a little crazy, but I absolutely loved the description of Harden’s racks of equipment and supplies. I’m no prepper, but I would love to have a fully stocked and armed bunker with racks of neatly arranged guns. I also am a big fan of knolling. My favorite tumbler is

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Is it just me or is that cover channeling some serious Dwayne Johnson there?

I’ve been a fan of the series, but I’m not going to go with you on the characters as much. The good guy characters yes, but the “bad guys” are pretty cartoonish. The “politician” character is so over the top, and the “ivory tower intellectual” character is painted in very broad unflattering brush strokes. It feels like a bit of his personal political views creeping in a little too much.

That being said he does write a pretty gripping story, and you really feel the grit and grime of the apocalypse in every page. It’s not one of those stories where the hero is infallible and nothing touches him somehow. Your hero is beaten and nearly broken at every turn. He makes it through by willpower alone, and you are with him all the way.

Great series, I’m waiting for the next one.


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