One-minute movie about a doomsday prepper


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Christ, what an asshole!


LOL. That was pretty funny. Though I would have ended it with one person blowing the party horn awkwardly.


love it love it love it


That was really great. Like Larry David with a bomb shelter.


Bravo! Did not see that coming.


I’ve already got my plan; I’ve been selected by Vault-Tec to get into Vault 111 in case of all-out nuclear war


C’est magnifique!

Brevity being the soul of wit, it reminds me of this bit from the old “The New Show.”


Well it’s better than the joke about the dog and the peanut butter.


I thought the cellar was gonna be full of zombies. This was much better!


I thought they might push something heavy against the door and turn the siren off, but yea this was better.


I was thinking they should let him live out a life where he’s alone because everyone else died. But I think this ending were he lives a life alone while everyone is alive is better.


The original Twilight Zone did this same thing, sorta, but of course it took 18 minutes.


Tomato, tah-mah-to, I know, but it had to be said.


That’s what I immediately thought of as soon as they started towards the ‘bunker’.


“For the love of God, Montresor!”



So I read “doomsday pepper,” which would have been AWESOME.

This was better.


Less preparation for the end of the world, more effort to prevent the end of the world.

Not that it isn’t okay to be prepared for some situations; for instance there is always a bottle of champagne in the fridge, and I mean champagne.



This is overthinking the premise, but what about everybody else in that town? Were they all at the party? Because it wouldn’t have been a very nice joke for them to be wakened by a fake air raid warning.