The reporter on the NYT's Bernie Sanders beat consistently fails to identify her sources as corporate lobbyists

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Who in NYT ownership and management allows or encourages this?


To quote Jimmy Dore: “There’s never a price to be paid for lying at the behest of the establishment.” These are the same folks that pushed us into Iraq.




Reporters like Ember or Judith Miller and the editors who let them get away with such unethical practices are why it’s so amusing to see the Know-Nothings decry the NYT as a “left-wing” or “socialist” newspaper.


And are currently trying to manufacture consent for war with Venezuela and Iran.

And let’s not forget this:


Glad to see people talking about this. As much as I appreciate the NYT hard criticism of trump, they reveal themselves to be just another tool of moneyed interest with their stance on Sanders.

Shame on you NYT. I expect much better from you.


This seems like a good place to link to an old post:

And a relevant book:

Which was made into a documentary:


I think this is a very good (and specific) question that is encouraged to go unanswered by generic “commercial media is a tool of the oligarchy” replies.

When the NYT discovered that Judith Miller fabricated stories about Iraq they sacked her. How they react to the FAIR analysis will be interesting.




My finger hovered over the wikipedia entry for propaganda.

I hesitated.

That’s probably a sign of how much I am in denial about how serious, how bad this situation is in the States. I say this as a U.S. citizen (born and raised), as a person who is currently living through local examples of selective enforcement or nonenforcement of existing city and county and in some instances state laws in Texas.

So thanks for posting this.
You’re spot-on.
We must call it like we see it.
As awful as it may be.

Next steps all seem so damn exhausting.

Cult45 is a pool of spreading filth, that, even as I tell myself that MAGAs are still not a majority in the U.S., contaminates every aspect of what is laudable, decent, fair, kind, productive, brave and sincere about [what still remains of] the U.S. I thought I knew, and knew well.


Bezos owns the Washington Post, and Amazon, and has billions of dollars-worth of contracts with U.S. intelligence agencies (via AWS).

Comcast owns MSNBC; Time Warner owns CNN.

But, yeah, saying the oligarchy controls the corporate media is crazy talk.

When has the NYT ever not been a cheerleader for the current war or intervention? It’s what they do. Ditching Judith Miller when she became undeniably toxic doesn’t make up for the consistent war mongering.


No, saying that is a tautology.

The question remains why a particular reporter with an obvious bias is allowed to cover one particular candidate, and it isn’t answered by generalizations about media ownership.

Especially when this newspaper is self-owned, in the hands of the Ochs family for over 100 years.


When in doubt, look for the money. The overriding priority of the 0.1% ownership class is to keep the flow of $$$ roaring up the pyramid. Bernie Sanders challenges this current status quo. Reporters that highlight his popular ideas are sidelined; reporters that find “innovative” ways to criticize him promoted and encouraged.

The NYT may get rid of this odious Ember; but the problems with corporate media are deeper than a few reporters.


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Judith Miller and Michael Gordon, her partner in thought crime, killed my interest and trust in the NYT. I haven’t read it since.
The thing about Judith Miller was that the executives new what she and Gordon were doing, and let it go in the paper (in support of the monied interests in the oil - remember Operation Iraqi Liberation, the original code name for the plan?), and then fed her to the lions when people realized what she had done.
This was all part of a still-unfolding Project For A New American Century, featuring some of your favorite warmongers and profiteers and those that push their agenda: Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Bolton and Elliot Abrams (who are both back in government under the Orangutan) Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan (whose wife, Victoria Nuland, was instrumental in fomenting a bloody coup in Ukraine).

Read all about it:


and then the documentary was made into a second book

Manufacturing Consent Noam Chomsky and the Media, the companion book to the award-winning film, charts the life of America’s most famous dissident, from his boyhood days running his uncle’s newsstand in Manhattan to his current role as outspoken social critic.

A complete transcript of the film is complemented by key excerpts from the writings, interviews and correspondence. Also included are exchanges between Chomsky and his critics, historical and biographical material, filmmakers’ notes, a resource guide, more than 270 stills from the film and 18 “Philosopher All-Stars” Trading Cards!

manufacturing consent