The rise, fall and rise again of The Backrooms

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Back in my day we used to go to the local dead mall to creep ourselves out with liminal spaces in person


Makes me think of the show “Severence”


“the original concept of The Backrooms was the idea of isolation, and the idea of slowly going insane from seeing the same walls, rooms, and halls everyday without change.”
So, “The Yellow Wallpaper,” then?
Also, I liked this mashup someone made even though I didn’t fully understand the meme then:


Of a couple of recurring nightmares, perhaps the most recurrent is: “You’re in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike”; essentially stuck in that “The Backroom” which just leads on to other backrooms, while driven to get elsewhere nearly immediately (buzzing neon lighting for the win). Even managed once to have a meta-aware form where “oh @#$ this is another one of those dreams i’m having again!” So yes, this photo creeps me out nicely.

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Meh, the idea of endless corridors of beige walls and fluorescent lighting isn’t all that creepy, IMO. You show me an endless IKEA, now you’ve got some nightmare fuel.


I’ve been to places like this while doing temp work a long time ago. It WAS thoroughly disconcerting at times, other times just odd and funny, in a non sequitur sort of way.

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That a contingent of anonymous internet fans aggressively added “rules” and jump-scare monsters to a concept whose horror is banked in featureless absences & irrationality does not surprise me.

People hated the original Blair Witch Project because it “wasn’t scary”; I was a young college student then, and I still slept on my parents’ bedroom floor the night I saw that in the theatre.

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