The risk of going hungry in the U.S. is rising

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The risk of going hungry in the U.S. is rising? No worries, candy corn in Thanksgiving flavors now exists.


The wider the wealth gap the more surprised the people on top will be when the people on the bottom have riots over food. We’ve become an increasingly disconnected society, where the problems of the masses are beneath the notice of those who have the most influence.


I’ve long been predicting that food riots will signal the start of the last stage of the fall of our current society… I hope like hell I’m wrong.


A hungry mob is an angry mob…


I haven’t seen anyone mention it in the regular media but are the restrictions on restaurants having a impact on the ability of homeless people to get food?

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Yep, that’s the “theme song” I usually post.


Hey, lookityou BB, being all inclusive and accessible! Your photos now have captions! Ones I don’t have to use my mouse to hover over to see!

Especially, ya know, when a disabled person can’t tell where the hell the image is to hover over it…

As for going hungry, I’ve read that folks are often going into the country where they help a farmer out so they get food AND the farmer doesn’t have to destroy perfectly good crop. Of course, this is dependent on how strong of a laborer you are AND your mode of transportation. There are other complications, too but I thought that was an interesting and hopefull development. A good chunk of them were even city-bred white people with cushy jobs!


I somehow feel like they have the soylent green problem solved in the form of nutritionless processed convenience food. They won’t let us get to a point where we actually feel hungry while we’re starving to death on nothing but high-fructose corn syrup.

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That’s probably a good small scale and local solution…

And proximity to a farm, as well.

Food insecurity is generally speaking a problem of distribution of food, not the production of food. This is what happens when food is treated like a commodity instead of a staple of life.

Let’s not forget, we (in the US and developed nations) waste an awful lot of food as a matter of course, too.


Millions of people would disagree vehemently to this


Right? Plenty of people were hungry before this pandemic even started… food insecurity was already a crisis! It’s just going to grow and grow now.


Never thought this day would ever come in America, but likely it is on its way. Be prepared and keep your eyes open.

It’s actually been here for a while. Just increasing to a level hard to ignore now.


Almost as if people in power don’t understand the phrase “no country is more then three meals from a revolution”…


Seth Meyers has had a fundraiser link on YouTube since he has been back broadcasting for a NY food charity called City Harvest.

In Vancouver a donation from a cruise line ended up with:

The need is high these days but there are some unusual sources of help. However at some point soon there is going to be a greater crisis. The pictures from a few months ago of the cars lining up for drive through food banks in the US were insane.


“Bread, it is bread that the Revolution needs!”

Let others spend their time in issuing pompous proclamations, in decorating themselves lavishly with official gold lace, and in talking about political liberty!..

Be it ours to see, from the first day of the Revolution to the last, in all the provinces fighting for freedom, that there is not a single man who lacks bread, not a single woman compelled to stand with the weariful crowd outside the bake-house-door, that haply a coarse loaf may be thrown to her in charity, not a single child pining for want of food.


It’s relative though. There’s an order of magnitude more people in the undernourished-but-don’t-realize it category. The current economic troubles weren’t planned but the fact that there are undernourished-but-don’t-realize-it people definitely was.

Although in the case of gleaning farmers were either required to leave some of the crops or did it out of kindness. It was up to the poor to pick it.


A reminder: Chancellor von Bismarck didn’t start the first modern social safety net because he loved proles and peasants, but to steal an issue from Socialists, to provide a healthier, more productive workforce that paid the Kaiser more taxes, and to keep the peasants from rising up and slaughtering the aristos. Food riots can go out of control, y’know. GOPs seem unaware of all this. Luzers…