The Science Fiction Album, themes from movies we love

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That thar’s an orchestral arrangement of the Ghostbusters theme? How intriguing.

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Thanks for mentioning the third Space and Beyond album. I bought the first two years ago and enjoyed the selection.

If you like that album, you might like “The Essential Leonard Bernstein.” Also recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, it is a wonderful collection of some of the best movie themes ever written. If listening to their version of the theme from “The Magnificent Seven” doesn’t make you stand a little taller, I don’t know what will.

This is not the theme you are looking for. :slight_smile: It’s the orchestral theme written by Leonard Bernstein, not the Ray Parker, Jr. song. (Or perhaps I should say the Huey Lewis and the News song, according to their lawyers.)

A good friend of mine has an earlier version of this album on CD. Not as many tracks, but he also absolutely loves it.

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Much like I watch and re-watch a few movies, my father had the Magnificent Seven and Guns of Navarone on constant loop during my childhood.

Tonight I feel like watching Battle Beyond the Stars just to see the Valkyrie… die.

A while ago a friend and I were driving the back roads of Sacramento late on a Halloween night, listening to the local public radio station play the Hall of the Mountain King. I saw that we were coming to a small rise over some railroad tracks just as the music was reaching the crescendo, gunned it and caught air just at the perfect moment in the music. Never forget that. So yeah, “careening through a twisting canyon,listening to the theme from the Last Star Fighter” sounds awesome!

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