The Sea Devil: the gentleman pirate who made friends of his enemies in World War I

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Was it this guy?


on top of all that, he’s the spitting image of Robert Mitchum, too.

Three cheers for Luckner!

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The gentleman who slept with his adult daughter and was accused to try to rape two girls, 8 and 11 years old.


His fans usually go to great lengths to dismiss that as a nazi plot to smear him. After reading an in-depth article on the whole affair I don’t find that plausible.

It’s true that secret nazi tribunals are not exactly the most trustworthy institutions, but he confessed. Now it is also true that they would not have been above coercing a confession. In my opininion the most telling part is the punishment. He was basically just banned from appearing in public and even that was not strictly enforced.

How likely is it that they trumped up charges in secret, complete with witnesses and everything, forced him to confess in secret and then let him get away without significant punishment? It seems a lot more plausible that he did it, but because he was a beloved folk hero it was mostly swept under the rug and he was only blackballed half-assedly.


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