CIA helped Hitler hide after WWII, Prince Harry’s real dad, and Freddie Mercury’s secret son, in this week’s dubious tabloids


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Cave dwellers killed critters for food and clothes and survived cruel winters by – are you listening, vegans? – wearing fur.”

I cried, on that one…


CIA had help from NSA, which for some reason is in charge of the BACKSTEP device.


Next week: Freddy Mercury is Prince Harry’s dad.


That’s what they want you to think.

Yes, but was it Bigfoot fur? And were any of them redheads?

The fruitarians would like a word:


This is the only type of posts that I purposely avoid reading on BB. I would argue that there is a point where publishing this becomes harmful rather than mildly amusing.

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It’s not even amusing! It should at least be truncated behind a link.

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