I assasinated Marilyn Monroe: retired CIA agent's deathbed confession


This would be really hard to prove without documentation. And I doubt the CIA kept records of such activities.

Mom, please look this stuff up on Snopes before you forward it to me or post it on Facebook.

How many times do I have to ask?


Aww, you beat me to it!

and me. :frowning:
I gave up helping my friends and family on Facebook by point out the crap they re-post/share is at best wrong and at worst fraudulent and dangerous.
I’ve not yet given up on BB.

So, what you’re saying is that the CIA has gotten to Snopes?


Well, if Disclose.TV says it’s true, who am I to argue? I mean, that site also features such gems as “Hitler Was Right

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Red flag: They quoted World News Daily report as a news source.


If your source is a satire site, it seems like a real stretch to call the article a lie.But as a face saving gesture, it’s understandable. Easier than saying “I goofed”


This sentence is kind of a red flag for me:

We had evidence that Marilyn Monroe had not only slept with Kennedy, but also with Fidel Castro.

Uhh, yeah. Okay.

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It’s a much better story of her death if this was true. It’s a shame really - letting the facts get in the way of a good story.

I don’t know. Let’s check Snopes to see if that’s true or just an urban legend. :wink:


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Why not? Shemarried one baseball player…why not sleep with another?


…and BB assassinated the English language. That’s right, “assassinated” has two asses.


My Facebook feed actually refuted it. Someone posted this article, and below it in related articles it showed the exact same photo in a Guardian piece about chaining up ill prisoners.

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Note to self: come up with ridiculously unverifiable deathbed “confession” ASAP.

…but it’s true. Nostradamus told me so. I sat between him and Elvis on the flying saucer on the way over here…

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That’s nothing:

Stay smart, BoingBoing.