“Oswald didn’t kill JFK!” and more tabloid stunners

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Triangulation, peeps.

P.S. IMO: It was Lyndon.

P.P.S. Blasphemer! Nah, just pragmatist.

P.P.P.S. I’m just high.

The model for fake news.


In light of recent developments, is it not time to declare that this sort of thing just Isn’t Funny Anymore (y’know, as if it ever was) and should be rightly consigned to the dustbin?


I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, admittedly, but I’ve never understood the point of these features. Is this written to call out tabloid headlines as Dumb Bad Things? That’s not a notable or unique sentiment, especially when there’s nothing else being said. Is it written as a cavalcade of awful tabloid claims in a ‘here’s this week’s wacky garbage!’ format? The tabloid snippets are intrinsically drivel, which is why we read this site instead of, you know, tabloids. Is it written to punch down at faceless people who consume these headlines, and who constitute basically zero of the BB readership? If so, it seems masturbatory and hacky. I don’t mean to sound snippy or rude -I promise!- but I just don’t get these…

Maybe. National Enquirer was in the tank for Donald Drumpf, and I think they’ve crossed the line from irrelevancy into malignancy.

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Reminds me of Dan Aykroyd’s character from Sneakers.

Crease: Now what are you saying, the NSA killed Kennedy?
Mother: No. They shot him, but they didn’t kill him. He’s still alive.

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Well the Weekly World News was but how could you not be amused by the further adventures of Batboy? Aliens meeting with the POTUS? The alligator people?

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