The Second Coming is upon us!

The Far Side is returning. I am filled with delight and trepidation.


Presumably it’s going to be an official source for all the cartoons, which would be a big shift from Larson- he was always strangely opposed to the far side appearing online before now.

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If only Mr. Watterson would follow suit.

Hmm. It doesn’t say that there will be new cartoons.

“A new online era of The Far Side is coming!” could mean an official online collection, and enforcement against unauthorized use.


Which is odd. Larson’s humor is well aligned with absurdist internet humor. Just fewer cultural references.

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This has to be a joke:

No images or other content displayed on this Website may be reproduced, digitalized, stored in a retrieval system, made available via any computer or wireless networks, transmitted or in any form or by any means, or otherwise circulated in any form, without prior written permission of FarWorks, Inc.

…because the very act of viewing the webpage does most of this.


Mr. Watterson was a gentler person for a gentler time.

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That moment, when you realise that you have taken legal advice about content in $technology from people who do not understand any technology.

That moment never happens, apparently. At least not to people who do take advice from said other people.


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