What Fools These Mortals Be! A collection of 19th century humor cartoons


Did I miss something? Bill Watterson is writing for BoingBoing now?


The Bill Watterson by line caught my eye to!

Watterson wrote the forward for the book being reviewed.

The bb story doesn’t do a very good job of making this clear, that the text is taken from the book is only mentioned in a sidebar.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

Text taken twice!

The Internet seems to reduce everything to niche markets of dubious profitability, and it remains to be seen if political cartoons will ever thrive again…

I confess, I find political cartoons generally very tedious. Tom the Dancing Bug and This Modern World I read, but mostly for the times when they aren’t just a series of talking heads telling me something I already read in the news.


I was going to link to “Kelly’s” cartoons at The Onion, but weirdly they don’t seem to be loading right now.


Thanks to those who pointed out the layout bug, which has been fixed.

[A] political cartoon could take up the entire cover or a two-page centerspread inside.

That explains why, when these same cartoons were reproduced in my history books, I had to read them with a magnifying glass. I always wondered about that. The degree of detail was always incredible. The internet may be a place of “dubious profitability” but at least cartoonists have a little more freedom of space than they do in contemporary newspapers.


The underwater wedding has a very Dr. Seuss quality.

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What’s Steve McQueen doing in that first picture?

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