'Calvin and Hobbes' comic artist Bill Watterson gives rare interview to Mental Floss


Bill Watterson, one of the greats whose work is comparable in whimsy and simultaneous cerebral complexity to George Herriman’s “Krazy Kat”.

I totally hate them for making me buy the magazine to see the whole article. But I’m so buying the magazine. I can step on a tiny bit of pride and defiance because Bill Watterson.


I do kind of wish Watterson would go back to political cartoons. I thought a lot of his stuff was pretty good, and these days editorial cartooning has really hit a low point in the US.

I used to read any one of several battered Calvin and Hobbes anthologies to my little brother when I was younger. It really holds a very special place in my heart to this day. It’s hard to explain to other people what my childhood was like. I can’t express how much that comic served as a refuge from the insanity of my life at the time. Chances are pretty good I’ll only read a few Calvin and Hobbes comics here and there as I come across them. There is a pocket in my mind where I’m still reading them to my brother, and all of my anxieties have blended into the background. I prefer to leave it undisturbed.


I doubt that that’s the cartoonists’ fault.

you can read the whole thing by buying a copy of their print zine:


Yeah I couldn’t find it in my local store because I don’t think its out yet. I tried to buy the December issue online but you can’t. And the Calvin and Hobbes cover is only available with a subscription that takes 6-8 WEEKS for delivery. Did I pay $25 to read this article? Yes. But the iPad version isn’t available either. The most frustrating experience with a magazine ever. Is this a tie in with the new movie Dear Mr. Watterson?

I know that this interview is a rare and special thing, but when the interviewer gushingly compared Watterson to a character from an ayn rand novel,I cringed inwardly.


That’s a sweet image to have, Calvin and Hobbes as mentors for a couple of little guys. I hope that you are both doing well.

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you can read the whole thing by buying a copy of their print zine

Mental Floss:

…we thought we’d provide a glimpse of the e-mail exchange. For our full story on the comic strip, be sure to pick up the print magazine.

  • a glimpse of the EMAIL EXCHANGE

these two sentences could be carefully constructed and contrasted in such a way to get people to buy the print edition, believing that an expanded interview is forthcoming. All that is promised is a write-up about the comic itself (snore.) Now, there could be more interview, and they might be publishing it in December, but the way they’ve worded it is awfully weaselly. If I was actually going to provide more of an interview, I’d be much more explicit in how I phrased it.

I feel sorry for the guy who subscribed just for this, but hopefully I’m wrong.

“Your idealism reminds me of that fictional sociopath who won over his girlfriend by raping her, then committed an act of terrorism rather than allow his blueprints to be adapted for a low-income housing project. Thoughts?”


“I figure that, long after the strip is forgotten, those decals are my ticket to immortality.”

If not before, by the last panel he has always touched and tickled me.
Like almost everyone, I know very little of Bill Watterson but I have seen extensive glimpses of his “soul”. I adore him. I love that man like a dear friend.
Whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

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