The secret life of a public library security guard


Secret indeed.

Are we supposed to guess the password?

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Using my leet haxxor skillz, I’ve cracked it.

It’s ●●●●●●●●


Actually, the password is


It feels good to know a Serb who was raised in a military family would rather desert and flee his homeland than kill innocent civilians.

The world needs more of that.


He looks solemn and tired, and, for a moment, each of his thirty-six years are visible in the gray on his chin and faded scar on his right cheekbone.

I’m not surprised that the author is a recent graduate.


You didn’t get the memo? Anyone over 30 is old and decrepit and should be put in a nursing home.

Good read. Character driven.
When I started I was immediately thinking of Portland’s Central Library and became disoriented in my brain. Cognitive dissonance between Oregon and Maine in the media is always kind of fun for me.

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When I was at Uni, the secret life of the library security guards involved a stack of pornographic magazines in the sub-basement.

I live in Portland and I see Marko all the time. He’s great!

Also, it’s “champing,” not “chomping.” Really.


Same here; my brain has to backtrack and refile everything. If he hadn’t have mentioned which one he was at, it easily could have been Portland, Oregon. The Central Branch has more security guards than I have ever seen in any other library or place of business.

I’ve also spent many a morning waiting outside with the rest of the crowd with cult-like reverence, facing the building, waiting for the doors to open. A guy in a suit with a briefcase will stand next to someone with six plastic garbage bags, and you can’t be totally sure which one is going to try to shoot up in the third-floor bathroom.

Well, if he’s 36 now, that would have made him between 13 and 17 during the Bosnian atrocities, which is kind of a sobering thought in itself.

I worked at Borders before it wasn’t any more. As soon as we opened up the doors, the local meth heads would stream in, take over their favorite comfy chairs, and leave. No one, staff or customer, was allowed to interfere with this process.

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