The secret skylines of high-magnification computer chips


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Actually photographing this stuff seems kind of redundant. You get the same impressive complexity just looking at the VLSI layout.


the wow! effect is better with photos, imo. that shit is real! not only an idealised model!


I’m just geeking out at a 10x8" monorail with seven-foot bellows.


See also ZeptoBars, where the actual chips are boiled in acid to remove the outer cases to capture images of them.


While arduous, the photography does have the virtue of not requiring vendor cooperation.


I always thought mother boards looked like cities. My magnum opus is a self portrait on a large board with a dozen or so mother boards attached.

I have many more boards in storage to paint on someday.



Meh, we’ve known what computer “skylines” look like since 1982:


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