The simplest kite I could find: the EO Atom

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grumble grumble - close to 100% markup to get it from some reseller on

I love my Prism 3D and Quantum. Guess I just have to add another one to my collection.

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I own one of these. It has never flown. There’s no way to trim it and this one invariably climbs for a bit, then swerves to the right, into the ground. It is cool looking and the concept is clever, but it really doesn’t fly from my experience.

Have you given one of these little guys a try?

I use a (much) bigger alternative, but if you’re not looking for an extreme thrill then these little guys are great fun - very easy to fly and work in almost any wind conditions. Unlike a ‘standard’ kite you can soar it around in 40mph winds for a bit of a workout (you won’t be getting any air with one of these little guys though). I picked one up for more casual flying and it’s much better to hand-off to someone who hasn’t flown a power kite before.

Otherwise it’s all about one of these:

Something about watching a kite stop, turn, go backwards and carry on in mid-air is amazing fun.

Edit: In fact I haven’t taken any of my kites out in years! I’m actually a little intimidated by my largest one - I think I’ll ease myself back in with the Buzz :stuck_out_tongue:

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